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公司簡介|Company Profile

本公司創立於1990年,致力於節能減碳的照明開發工作, 對此研究已歷經二十餘年, 由於LED燈具有效率高、壽命 長、反應速度快等傳統燈具遠遠不及的優點,也充分達到 節能減碳的功用,現今社會也廣泛的使用LED燈,如交通 號誌、戶外大型時鐘、公車顯示面板等等。

雖然LED燈有眾多的優點,但一些缺點依舊存在,本公司 希望經過不斷的開發, 能夠更新使其獲得改善,讓LED能 更加的被大眾所接受。

The company was founded in 1990. We are committed to save energy and reducing carbon lighting development work. This study has gone through more than twenty years. The LED lighting is highly efficient, long lifespan, fast response and many advantages that are so far beyond the traditional lighting, but also fully achieve carbon reduction purpose. Nowaday, LED lighting is also widely used, such as traffic signals, large outdoor clocks, bus display panels and so on.

While LED lights have many advantages, but some disadvantages still exist. The company hopes that through continuous developments and improve ments can update the technology, so that LED could be more accepted by the public mass.

LED產品|Product LED

本公司生產各式各樣的全彩或單色LED燈具,如有需求皆可來電或EMAIL洽詢 ,我們亦可提供客製化的服務。燈具包括:


We make all kinds of LED lighting fixture , including:line-bar , dotlight , DMX512 lighting fixture , SPI lighting fixture. The ODM and OEM are available. please contact us if you have question.

控制器產品|Product Controller

DMX512控制器總共有12個迴路,每個迴路可以工作在5伏特到48伏特,每迴路有2安培,最大的電流總共20安培, 它可以控制單色或全彩的LED,透過內部的開關,可以當成DMX512控制器,亦或是DMX512解碼器。

The 12channel led driver is a DMX512 controller,the controller may be used alone,you just have 12 channel output,each channel has 2A current (not constant current),The voltage is from 5v-48v,2A/ch,total 24A,it can control highpower and low power led lamps with 4-pin 3loops or signal color.

控制器產品|Product Controller

透過USB寫入動畫 / Use USB download the program

控制器產品|Product Controller

1. 2組DMX512排程控制器(2G SDcard)
2. 小型DMX512控制器
     (size: 4.5cm x 6cm),2M~16M flash memory
3. WS2801控制器(2G SDcard)
4. DMX512轉WS2801控制器
5. DMX512放大器(1對3 / 1對6 )
6. GPS時間溫度顯示控制器
7. ARTNET/DMX512控制器

1. Two port DMX512 controller(2G SDcard)
2. small DMX512 controller
     (size: 4.5cm x 6cm),2M~16M flash memory
3. WS2811,WS2812 controller(2G SDcard)
4. DMX512 to WS2801 controller
5. DMX512 splitter(1 to 3 / 1 to 6)
6. GPS time and temperature controller
7. ARTNET/DMX512 controller